Hi there! I’m Rick.

I’m a human (not a robot, thanks for noticing!) who likes to build and learn. I mainly build things out of 1s and 0s. But I learn all sorts of things. For the past few years I’ve mostly been diving deeper and deeper into computer science.

I’m a trained economist, but I’ve come to appreciate that computer scientists think surprisingly clearly about economic issues–what with their concern for information processing and Big O considerations. My basic economic interests center around the idea of emergent order which has lead me to Agent Based Modeling. A really cool example of a project in this vein is Robert Axelrod’s Evolution of Cooperation project. My own small contribution to that project is a model I built in NetLogo which you can find pinned on my GitHub page.

As I've gone deeper down the rabbit hole of computational economics, I've become increasingly enamored with the tools themselves. So now I'm looking for opportunities to make a living by coding.